By buying tickets to an event of INTERNATIONAL BOOKING AGENCY WORLD STARS & CO., LTD you sign the contract publishing on the website

Tickets to events are distributed by city tickets offices, concert halls and through the internet.

Tickets which are bought in the other places are invalid, and do not give permission to enter to our events. They also can’t be changed or returned.

Turns and conditions of return

1. If you are unable to attend the event through no fault of  INTERNATIONAL BOOKING AGENCY WORLD STARS & CO., LTD the ticket return can be produced on the basis of the written application. You need have your ID card/passport with you. The application will be considered within 14 days.

 - If there`s more than 21 days before the event, the refund will be full less 10% (actual expense of the booking agency)

 - If there`s 14-20 days before the events, the refund will be 70% from the nominal cost.

 - If there`s 8-13 days before the events, the refund will be 50% from the nominal cost

 - If there`s less than 7 days before the events, the tickets will not be refundable. 

2. If the event is cancelled or rescheduled, tickets will be accepted to return within 14 days after the announcement on the website . In this case the refund is full less 5% (cash and collection charges) from the ticket cost.

Payment by a card

Our website is connected to the web-acquiring system and you can pay by your Visa Card or Mastercard. When you chose the ticket and confirm it, a window with pay page of the processing center CloudPayments opens. You need to enter your card details in this window. 3D secure protocol is used for the additional authentication of the card holder.  If your Bank supports this technology you`ll be redirected to its server for the additional authentication.  Consult your Bank for more information about rules and methods of authentication.

Secure guarantees

The processing center CloudPayments protects and processes your card details according to the secure standards PCI DSS 3.0. Transmission of information to the payment gateways comes with encoding technologies SSL . The further transmission of information comes by closed bank web with the most secure level.  CloudPayments does not transmit your data to us or other persons.  

If you have questions about your payment, you can address to the support service by e-mail:

The Safety of Online payments

Your personal information (name, address, phone number, e-mail, credit card number) is confidential and can`t be disclosed.

Your card data is encrypted and are not saved at our web-server.

We recommend you to check that your browser is rather safe for online payment on the special page

The safety of processing of online payment is guaranteed by “CloudPayments”.  All transactions made with credit cards are done according to the requirements of VISA International, MasterCard and other payment systems. When transferring information special security technologies for on-line payments are used, data processing is done on the safe high-tech server of the processing company.

Confidential   takes the question of information confidentiality very serious. The information is called personified when it contains personal data (name, login, name of company) of the site visitors and information about actions on the site.

We called data anonymous when it`s impossible to identify it with someone concrete.

Information Using

We use personified information of site user in order to provide him qualified services. We don`t disclose personified information of one site visitor for another.  We never publish personify information in free access and do not give it to third party. The exception is the situation when it`s prescribed by law.  We publish and distribute only those reports which are based on anonymous data.  At the same time reports don`t contain information with the help of what is possible to identify personified data of user. We also use anonymous data for inner analysis in order to develop products and services URL.

Links  can contain links to other sites, which are not related to our company and belong to third party. We are not responsible for accuracy, completeness and reliability of information on the sites of third party.  And we do not take any commitments for saving information confidentiality on these sites.

Responsibility restriction

We make all possible for keeping this confidential politics. However, we can`t guarantee safety of information in case of impact of factors which are not in our sphere of influence. As the result of these factors impact the information could be disclosed.  and all information herein is shown without any guarantees. We do not bear any responsibilities for unpleasant consequences and for any loss in consequence of restriction of the access to the site URL  and in consequence of using information from the site.


If you have any questions about this politics you can send an email: