An offer is a proposal addressed to one or several concrete persons that is sufficiently definite and expresses  the intent of the person who has made the proposal to consider itself having concluded a contract with the addressee by whom the proposal will be accepted.

The offer must contain the essential terms of the contract.

The offer shall blind the person who sent it from the time of its receipt by the addressee.

If a notice on the revocation of the offer has arrived earlier than or simultaneously with the offer, the offer shall be considered not to have been received.

Invitation to make offers. Public Offer.

Advertising and other proposal addressed to an indeterminate group of persons are considered as an invitation to make offers unless otherwise directly indicated in the proposal.

A proposal containing all essential terms of the contract from which the will of the person who made the proposal appears to conclude a contract on the terms indicated in the proposal with anyone who responds shall be considered an offer (a public offer).

Subject of agreement

Providing CLIENT with services on booking, formation  of orders, delivery, tickets sales, in the manner and conditions, provided for in this agreement and in accordance with the current tariffs of the International Booking Agency "World Stars".

International Booking Agency "World Stars" responsible for the quality of services provided to users.

Rights and Obligations of the Parties

Acceptance of the offer - receipt or payment of services ordered in the manner determined by the tariffs of  International Booking Agency "World Stars " and the terms of payment services.

2.3 The fact that CLIENT orders services from the Agency "World Stars" is the unconditional acceptance of this Agreement, i.e., Clients who ordered tickets, or used the Agency's "World Stars" service, regarded as a person who has entered in contractual relations with the Agency, "World Stars".

Upon written request of the Client, the Agency "World Stars" executed

a contract for the provision of services with the signatures of the parties

Rights and Obligations of the Parties

Agency «World Stars» is obliged to   :

Render the services in accordance with the provision of the Agreement  in manner and maintaining the proper quality from the moment of the the conclusion of this Agreement.

Notify the Client about the changes and additions relatively to the entertainment events.

Not to disclose any personal information and data of the Client to any third parties, except in the conditions defined by the law.

To provide to the Client an opportunity of free phone consultations (phone numbers indicated  on

Provide the obligations entered into by the Agency. Agency «World Stars » is entitled to not to provide the service in case of  force-majeure. 

Agency "World Stars " has the right to :

Change the Agreement and the Tariffs for service unilaterally, posting them on the official site , notless than 10 days prior to their coming into force.) 

Have rights to refuse the conclusion of the Agreement for the provision of the Services, with notice to the Client .

Client is obliged to :  

To know the content of the Agreement and the Tariffs, offered to the Client on the site before the execution of the Agreement

Pay the service, provided by the Agency «World Stars» to the Client, within the established timeframes.

Financial relations

Provision of a service to the Client, based on the rates and conditions of the Agency « World Stars».

Refund of the sold tickets (to the entertainment events ) provides according the following terms and conditions: 

The tickets have to be with the undamaged control, price tag and the seat (if it`s provided)

Ticket`s refund  is operating in the office of the agency «World stars» (address - 191014, Saint Petersburg, Artillerijskaya  4)

In case of the cancellation, replacement the event, refund is provided by the organizer of the event, unless otherwise is provided by the contract.

100% of the nominal cost of the tickets to the cancelled shows is refundable, communication fee of 5% of the ticket price and delivery cost is non-refundable.

Refunds is provided at the place and date, established by the event`s organizer.

Refund of the tickets by the request of Client provides according the following terms and conditions: 

The refund of the money providing to the person, who is registered in order on,  upon presentation of an identity document, based on a written application of the buyer.

The condition of the tickets have to be established sample, with the undamaged control, price tag and the seat (if it`s provided)

Refunds is made from Monday to Friday 11-00 to 18-00. On weekends and holidays the refund is not carried out.

The cost of the delivery is nor refund. 

Refund of the tickets by the request of Client provides refund of the full nominal cost of the tickets after deduction of the actual expenses to the concert`s providing, expenses on encashment work, promoting, printing, transfer ticket information, technical support, etc.

In case the refund  is carried more then 21 days before the date of the event, refund full price of the ticket minus 10% from the nominal cost (cash charges, encashment). In case the refund  is carried in 14-20 days before the date of the event – the refund is 70% from the nominal cost. 

In case the refund  is carried in 8-13 days before the event  - the refund is 50% from the nominal cost. The refund is not carried in case of returning the tickets in 7 days or less before the date of the event.

The refund of money through the electronic payment systems carried with the cashless payments  by the completed and signed application of the Client. The application have to be handed over personally to the company.

Warranty disclaimers

The Parties are exempt from the responsibility for partial or full default of conditions of this Agreement if such default is consequence of the force majeure circumstances (natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.), social life circumstances (war, states of emergency, major strikes, epidemics, and so on. p.), prohibitive measures of public authorities (prohibition of transportation, foreign exchange restrictions, international sanctions ban on trade etc.))

During this time, the parties have no mutual claims, and each party assumes its own risk of the consequences of force - majeure circumstances.

The procedure for changes, duration and the termination of the contract

The  Parties acknowledge that,  the agreement executes since the appeal to the Agency «World Stars» and finishes with the full performance of obligations by the parties.

Other conditions

Agency «World Stars» do not refund the money to the Client for the unused or lost by the Client tickets.