28 solo albums, 2 albums in the Dynamics group. More than three hundred songs in the creative biography ... It's a legend of Russian rock Vladimir Kuzmin. Every visit gathers longtime fans on the dance floor, many of them met at a concert. Soon a living legend will visit BKZ "October" again.

The list of musical instruments played by Vladimir Kuzmin is amazing: electric, acoustic and bass guitar, strings and percussion, wind and keyboard instruments, harmonica ... Only by such a range one can express the boundaries of talent, and Vladimir Kuzmin uses it in full.

Recently, Kuzmin's concerts are not only those who love Vladimir's music for more than a decade. Quite a lot among spectators and young people, discovering the legend of Russian rock on the new side, finding consonant thoughts in creativity. And for him, as an artist, it's much nicer.

Come to BKZ 'October' to hear your favorite songs of one of the most famous musicians of the Russian scene.

The beginning of the performance at 19:00



Vladimir Kuzmin

Февраль 15, 2018 / St. Petersburg / BKZ "October"

Vladimir Kuzmin