Vanessa May

Vanessa-May Vanacorne Nicholson is a violinist, composer, singer of Sino-Thai origin from Great Britain. She was born on October 27, 1978 in Singapore. Known mainly thanks to the techno-processing of classical compositions. Style of performance: "violin techno-acoustic fusion, or" pop violin. "

To engage in music, she began at the age of three, but then her main instrument was the pianoforte. Later, she switched to the violin, because her stepfather asked her to pick up the violin and accompany him.

The first performance of Vanessa was at the age of nine. She played with the Philharmonic Orchestra when she was ten. At the Royal College of Music, Vanessa was the youngest student. In 1990, Vanessa May recorded her debut Violin CD, and in May 1991, he saw the light.

In 1992, she first took her elektrosripka Zeta. In 1994, she recorded her first pop album. Album Rating The Violin Player soared in the charts of more than 20 countries immediately after the release.

In 1996 she was nominated for the BRIT Awards as Best British Female, but she did not receive the award.

In 1997, Hong Kong honored Vanessa with an invitation to perform in Hong Kong at the China Reunion Ceremony, where she performed alongside Yo-yo Ma and Tan Dun. As the final chord of this performance, she releases the album China Girl in honor of its Chinese roots.

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