Seal (Henry Olusegun Adela Samuel) is a singer and songwriter from the UK. He was born on February 19, 1963 in London.

 In the mid-1980s, after several attempts to earn money singing in various clubs and bars, Seal set off with the British punk band Push on a tour of Japan. For some time Seal, along with the blues group traveled to Thailand, and then alone went to India.

Returning to England, Seal meets Dj and the producer Adam Tinley, known as Adamski, and presents him the lyrics of the song "Killer". For Sila, this song was the first public performance as a vocalist. In May 1990, the single "Killer" for four weeks was at the top of the UK charts, and also reached the 23rd place on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play.

In June 1991, the first album entitled "Seal" was released. The album was warmly received by critics, ranked 24th in the US charts and was sold worldwide with more than three million copies. The Crazy, Future Love Paradise and own version of the single "Killer" ranked high in the charts. In the US, "Crazy" was a hit, reaching number seven on the Billboard Music Charts. At the Brit Awards of 1992, Seal wins the nomination "Best British Artist", the album "Seal" receives the title "Best British Album of the Year", and the clip for the song "Killer" is marked as "The Best British Clip of the Year." Also the singer was nominated for " Grammy "in the categories" Best New Artist "and" Best Male Vocal ", but did not receive a prize. The video for the song "Crazy" received four nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards. In November 1991, the singer's debut album received the status of gold in the US.

In the summer of 1994 the singer released the second album, which was named, as well as the first one - "Seal". For clarity, the second album is often called "Seal II". Already in August the album received the status of gold, and in January of the next year - the platinum disc. Two songs from the album "Prayer for the Dying" and "Newborn Friend" were released as singles. The album was nominated for the Grammy Award in the categories Album of the Year and Best Pop Album of the Year, and for performance of the song Prayer for the Dying, Seal was nominated for Best Male Pop Vocal.

The third single "Kiss from a Rose" took the fourth position in the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1995. And within four weeks was on the first place in the rating of ARC Weekly Top 40. Later the composition was used as a saudtrack for the film "Batman Forever". The single was re-released and in support of it was filmed a new clip that was nominated for the MTV Movie Awards as " The best video from the movie. " In 1998, Seel released the next album entitled "Human Being". The album received the status of gold two months after the release. Later came three singles: "Human Beings", "Latest Craze", and "Lost My Faith". The album "System" was released in November 2007. Seal described him as more danceable, in some way a return to the style of the time of his first album. The composition "Wedding Day" Seal performed a duet with his wife Heidi Klum. The first single "Amazing" from the album was released in September 2007 and was nominated for the Grammy Award in the category "Best Male Pop Vocal".

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