Pink Floyd Project

More than 50 years ago in Britain a unique rock group known as Pink Floyd was formed.
 He became instantly popular. And compositions and works like several generations. The staff does not give concerts now,
 Does not write new albums and, perhaps, would have sunk in, but there are tribute bands that give old hits a new life.

Among such groups, it is necessary to highlight the musical project Pink Floyd Project. In Moscow
He did not give any more concerts, but since they are known and their fans have a lot of fans, one can expect that the performance
 In Moscow will gather all the fans not only of the legendary group, but also the fans of the tribute band. It is expected that those wishing to visit such a
Concert will be a lot, so the organizers decided to hold the event at one of the largest concert venues in the capital. Event will be held
Very soon, so think about the passes to the concert beforehand.

The legacy of the legendary British band Pink Floyd is very large. One of the first groups was a team from Australia. On their example, there are still a lot of compositions. Not so long ago, in 2008, another music project Pink Floyd Project performed well on the world stage. Despite the high competition, the team managed to become leaders in this genre and draw public attention to themselves.

The team immediately attracted attention. Moreover, the group became the leader among all tribute representatives. In Europe and in Russia the project is very
Is popular. This is due to several features of the group:

- First, the Pink Floyd Project is designed and able to convey the scale of the concerts that the original band;

- Secondly, the team manages to completely repeat the manner of performing songs, conducting a concert. Thus, they differ little from the original.
 Moreover, if the audience did not know that this is a tribute project, they would be sure that they came to the concert of the group itself;

- Third, like the team itself, Pink Floyd Project will prepare for the audience a lot of pleasant surprises. Having bought a ticket for the concert,
You will be delighted with the quality sound of music, from unusual light and laser performances. When you visit an event, you will never experience
 Nothing like this and for a long time you will remember the event.

Pink Floyd Project is the best choice for your event! You can order a performance of the group by calling us or by filling in the online form on our website!

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