Ingrid Alberini is an Italian singer, composer, arranger. Was born in northern Italy. She was born on September 11, 1973 in northern Italy. Ingrid has been accustomed to fame since childhood: already in her school years the singer played a good guitar, and she often had to give autographs. She performed at home for over ten years. The combination of her unique voice with incredible ability to maximally involve the audience in the show attracted the attention of music producers to her.

In 1994, Ingrid won the regional contest "The Voice of San Remo".

Ingrid recorded vocals for "Tu es Foutu", and the song received a ticket to life, taking the top lines of many European and Russian charts. The track "La Trompette" is a cover version of the famous hit "Our neighbor" performed by Edita Piekha. The single was released in two versions - DJ Gary Caos and DJ Rico Bernasconi.

Ingrid knows German, English, French and Russian, and also has a Ph.D.

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