CLASSIC ENIGMA ORIGINAL VOICES are the original voices of the world-famous ENIGMA band Andru Donalds (Andrew Donalds) and Angel X (Angel X), accompanied by a band.

ENIGMA is known worldwide as a studio project. For many years people enjoy great voices, recreating fascinating compositions, with nothing comparable, exquisitely fabulous music. And now two vocalists of ENIGMA have united to appear before the audience in live performances. Now the collective is preparing for a world tour, the musicians have started working on a new program. In concerts, special effects will be used, each composition is accompanied by a visual series - installations that will be displayed on a special screen. Throughout the show, artists change stage costumes. It is known that Andru Donalds (Andrew Donalds) and Angel X (Angel X) have an unusual energy and professionally know the art of reincarnation. Each composition is a separate mini-production. The audience will be presented to the court as world-famous hits, as well as new compositions written specifically for the forthcoming show. Most concerts will be supported by the best symphony orchestras of the regions.

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