Carolina Katharina Müller is a German singer of Dutch origin, performing pop and disco in English, known under the pseudonym C.C.Catch. Born July 31, 1964 in the city of Oss (North Brabant, the Netherlands).

Caroline lived with her mother in Holland. After graduation she studied at the designer and worked at a garment factory

In 1979 her family moved to the FRG, and since 1980 Müller has performed in the female pop group Optimal. In 1985, after the performance of Optimal in a musical contest near Hamburg, the German composer and member of the Modern Talking group Dieter Bohlen became very interested in her voice and on the same day invited him to his studio for audition. Carolina chose the pseudonym C. C. Catch, where the two "C" are the initials of her two names, Caroline Catarina. In the summer of 1985, on Carolina's birthday, the song I Can Lose My Heart Tonight was released as her debut single. The single was a hit in Europe. One year later, her first album Catch the Catch, and in 1988 the album Big Fun was released. In the same year, Caroline terminated the contract with Bohlen.

In 1989, the single Big Time was released, which rose to number 25 in the charts. And at the end of the same year the album Hear What I Say was released, which was the last album released by C. C. Catch. According to the number of sales this album went around the previous two, Big Fun and Diamonds.

In 2010, she released the single Undorn Love with Juan Martinez, and in 2014

In 2014, Carolina recorded a duet with Chris Norman (ex-Smokie) called Another Night In Nashville.

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