Boney M feat Liz Mitchell

Boney M. is a disco band created in 1975 in West Germany by well-known West German music producer Frank Farian. All the performers involved in the project were born outside of Germany, in the Caribbean islands, moving to Western Europe as a teenager. While working in the project "Boney M.", the band members lived in the UK (London) and West Germany (Hamburg, Hanover, Frankfurt).

The quartet was phenomenally popular all over the world, except for the USA, where the team's successes were much more modest. In his 10-year history, Boney M. has received numerous awards in the music industry (including the British Carl Alan Award), about two hundred gold and platinum discs, was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for sales worldwide. The superhit "Rivers of Babylon" still occupies a leading position on the duration of the peak of the single chart in Germany. In 2006 the group celebrated its 30th anniversary. There was a new compilation CD The Magic of Boney M with a new song, recorded by Farian and Liz Mitchell. The album became a bestseller in many countries of the world. In 2011, new releases of Boney M. again entered the international charts.

On August 28, 2015, the German state broadcaster DW (Deutsche Welle) in the popXport program named the 10 most successful German music projects in the last 40 years. Boney M. again became the leaders of the rating, once again confirming its status of the best pop-export number 1.

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