Real Bad Boys Blue feat Herb McCoy

Bad Boys Blue is a German band performing Eurodance. The history of the band began in 1984, the collective Bad Boys Blue was formed in Cologne. In its history, Bad Boys Blue released about 30 hit singles, which hit the charts of many countries around the world.

Initially the band was called "Bad Guys", then "Bad Boys", but stopped at "Bad Boys Blue" because the musicians performed in scenic blue suits. The debut single "L.O.V.E. In My Car "the band released in September 1984. The real success to the trio came only in the spring of 1985, when the next single "You're A Woman" made a real sensation in many European countries, instantly being in the top ten of the best songs. In Germany, the single reached the eighth place and almost four months did not leave the German Top20. In the same year the first studio album Hot Girls, Bad Boys was released. In 1998, on the wave of success of the merged "Modern Talking" producers Tony Hendrik and Karin Hartmann release the single "You're A Woman '98", which suddenly falls on the charts of some European countries.

 In 2005, following the departure from John McIerney's Bad Boys Blue, due to the contradictions with the other members of the group, Andrew Thomas invites to the role of the main vocalist of Herb McCoy's band and designates a new line-up as "The Real Bad Boys Blue". Herb McCoy quite successfully replaced John McInerney.

In May 2009, as a digital release, the single "Queen Of My Dreams" was released

To date, Herb McCoy continues to perform with a new repertoire, where there is also a place for all the best hits of the "Bad Boys Blue" project, in parallel he is preparing to release a studio album in a new direction for himself Chillout

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