Army of lovers

Army of Lovers is a Swedish dance music group which formed in 1987, and have had a number of hits in Europe throughout the 1990s.

 Their`s hit "Crucified", which was number one on the Eurochart for eight consecutive weeks in 1991. The album sales were 7 000 000 copies worldwide.

The band became famous for their incredible visual appearance (many of their costumes were created by Camilla Thulin), and their music videos directed by Fredrik Boklund.

Their`s songs «Obsession», «Ride The Bullet», « Israelism», « Lit De Parade», «Sexual Revolution» and  «Give My Life»  reached the top spot of the Eurocharts, but their presence in the US and the UK was limited to club chart successes (though "Crucified" reached the Top 40 in the UK Singles Chart in1992).

While they were experimenting with various club sounds and samples on their first album, Disco Extravaganza (later re-issued as Army of Lovers in the US), they released a pop/dance album with Massive Luxury Overdose (1991). The longplayer spawned their biggest hits ("Crucified", "Obsession") and managed to sell 250,000 copies in Germany alone. Massive Luxury Overdose was later re-issued for the US market.

The song "Crucified 2013" was a revamped version of the band's breakthrough hit from 1991 and was chosen as the official anthem for Copenhagen Pride 2013.


♥ Alexander Bard (1987—2009, 2013—now)

♥ Jean-Pierre Barda (1987—2009, 2013—now)

♥ La Camilla (1987—1991, 1995—2001, 2012—2013)

♥ Michaela De La Cour (1991—1995)

♥ Dominika Peczynski (1992—2009, 2013—now)

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